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Key to real estate investment profits

Tenant Placement - The alternative to property management.
Increasing the value of your investment and maintaining profitability.


Decreasing property values, increasing utility costs, management fees and higher tenant default rates make your real estate investment look more like a liability in today's market.

Many look to outside property managers to help increase profitability and decrease exposure yet, most find their profitability decreases as a result.

It may be time to look within for on site management or self manage properties within your portfolios. But finding quality, long term, tenants is the key to long term success.

Good management and fiscal responsibility increases an income properties value. Starting a responsible plan will help secure future values beyond those of surrounding properties. Let us help you develop a sensible alternative to traditional "full service" management.

What is Tenant Placement ?

The most valuable part of a rental property, apartment complex or commercial property is the tenant. Mission Grove Realty can provide selected landlords and property management companies with quality tenants and a proven track record of longevity (2.5 yr avg).

Weather you own one property or multiples, we have the tools and experience you need to fill vacancies and keep them filled at much less cost than traditional property management.

We advertise your properties, show them to prospective tenants, interview prospective renters and complete all the documents and disclosures necessary or that you may require outside of a normal contract. All funds go direct to you with no pass through accounts or need to wait for funds. Want to increase your bottom line? We can help.

Pitfalls of "property managers" in today's market.

Today's market has brought many to the property management market in order to profit from desperate investors. Many unlicensed, uninsured individuals and "companies" have popped up with only one goal in mind...profiting from unsavvy investors and property owners.

We have all heard stories of rentals sitting vacant for 90 days or more. All the while, incurring additional costs and fees. In many cases vandalism is also a concern. During this time, you incur costs, fees and loss of income. Even one month without a tenant can put your investment at risk and eliminate any potential for positive cash flow. Who hires the contractors to repair the damages? Do they also profit when you don't? Who holds on to your income until they get around to reconciling accounts....if they ever do. Many have simply closed shop and taken months of rental payments and deposits with them. It is time YOU took control of your investment. If not, you may become yet another statistic in the real estate market. The time to change your investment model is now.

Tenants waiting for your property NOW!

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How to fill your vacancies and keep them filled.

We can start as soon as you are ready. We require a brief consultation and we also review your properties to make certain they meet the quality requirements our tenants are looking for. We can make recommendations to help secure better, quality tenants as well (All at no cost whatsoever). Once we have agreed that our services meet your needs and your properties are to a standard expected, we will create a marketing plan, actively advertise your properties and provide quality tenants at a one time cost paid only AFTER we have secured a tenant for you. We can help develop a plan to keep those tenants over time at no additional cost to you. By utilizing our methods, you could potentially save thousands per year compared to traditional property management services.

Hemet Real Estate Jewel Woodside ABOUT AMY - Property Leasing and Tenant Placement Coordinator

Amy is a full time Realtor and Hemet resident for over 20 years. She has the local knowledge, experience and tools you need to make an informed decision when looking to place tenants and increase your bottom line. She is actively involved in our community and takes pride in making our valley a better place to live, work and play. I invite you to contact Amy anytime to discuss all of the opportunities we have to offer.

Amy Murray,
Leasing and Tenant Placement Coordinator

Mission Grove Realty
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Hemet property management through tenant placement only. Our leasing agents provide you with pre screened and qualified tenants for your properties.

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Finding a rental in Hemet or placing a tenant or replacing an evicted tenant in Hemet does not have to be difficult or expensive. Our low cost programs are designed to help landlords find the right tenant and keep them in place. Controlling costs is what we strive to do for responsible landlords, property managers and apartment owners in Riverside County, California. Our leasing agent has the experience and tools you need to help increase your bottom line. military housing and a mortgage for FHA first time homeowners in Hemet.
Serving the Riverside County rental and leasing markets. Homes for veterans and section 8. Our state of the art programs and processes have been designed to meet the needs of a constantly changing market."Mission Grove Realty" provides the Riverside County region with the most comprehensive real estate services available in Southern California. Our staff of professional Agents, Realtors® and Brokers can assist you with all of your real estate needs.

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